Juli Mallett wrote:
> >      |-omniNames---omniNames---3*[omniNames]
> That seems frighteningly useless to me though.  Seems a bit like a number of
> utilities I've seen from the Linux camp which take useful functionality and
> mask it behind something that looks good.  What exactly can you get from
> that kind of output?
> > with the following being printed if you ask for pids ('-p'):
> >
> >       |-omniNames(313)---omniNames(335)-+-omniNames(336)
> >       |                                 |-omniNames(338)
> >       |                                 `-omniNames(345)
> That output's pretty useful, on the other hand, but it seems overly difficult
> to do that sort of formatting without kludging everything with a lot of
> conditionals and rather than simple recursion, something more complex.

Theres a program in -ports.

If you insist on doing it, though, look at the output of
"w -d" (yeah, I have a vested interest in it, but it's still
pretty cool).

-- Terry

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