Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:
> I'm sorry people :) I should have been more specific. Here is
> what i meant. I'm working on Bluetooth stack for FreeBSD. Everything
> is implemented in Netgraph. The real device driver nodes are connected
> to HCI layer. You can talk to any Bluetooth device via HCI layer. It
> does not really matter what kind of device you have, PC-CARD, serial
> or USB dongle. They all MUST talk via HCI. So HCI is not really a
> device driver, and, IMO, it is not a pseudo device driver. It sort
> of looks like /dev/tcp :)

Ah.  You have a device which is an addressable bus.

Yes, if cloning worked, it would be the best way to implement it.

The typical BSD way of dealing with this would probably be
to create a socket interface.   The problem with a socket
interface is that you woun't be able to run standard protocols
over top of your HCI, unless you (re)implement them as netgraph
nodes (e.g. like a "/dev/tcp" with a streams stack pushed on it).

I think that your current Netgraph approach is probably the best
one available to you, if you want to avoid additional plumbing

Good luck on your work, it sounds interesting!

-- Terry

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