Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:
> Well, HCI _IS_NOT_ a network protocol like TCP or even UDP. It is a
> predefined set of control messages and events that user might send
> to the device. L2CAP which is runs over HCI _IS_ a network protocol
> and it is implemented in AF_BLUETOOTH protocol family. So application
> can say s = socket(AF_BLUETOOTH, SOCK_SEQ, BTPROTO_L2CAP) and then
> bind(s) and connect(s).

You might want to look at how you issue raw SCSI commands on devices
via CAM.  You can start with "man cam".

Your situation is exactly analogous (IMO) to a device interface
to a raw bus.

You will notice that most of it is section 3 (e.g. implemented in a
set of user space library routines on top of the SCSI bus commands).

If you look at how the CAM toys talk to the SCSI bus itself, though,
you will see an interface for jamming known format SCSI commands
down onto a SCSI bus, which is probably the level at which you want
your interface.

-- Terry

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