On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Alex Zepeda wrote:

> So what's up with -current?
> I had to install gawk to get the kernel to build (and world too for that
> matter).. I haven't had the balls to put the "one true awk" back in place.
> But now whether in world mode or not I get:
> blarf:/usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf#make
> cc -O0 -Wall -DFREEBSD_ELF -I/usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf/i386
> -I/usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf -elf -fpic -DPIC   -Wformat=2
> -Wno-format-extra-args  -c /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c
> /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c: In function `atomic_decr_int':
> /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf/i386/rtld_machdep.h:58: inconsistent operand
> constraints in an `asm'
> *** Error code 1

rtld still uses asms with the old, broken/fragile "0" constraint.  This
constraint is especially broken/fragile if things are pessimized by
compiling without optimizations.


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