Juli Mallett wrote:
> Errr, it was with 0 level optimisation that is the problem, not a real
> level.  Read carefully what bde said, and look at hte warnings and how
> GCC deals with the code in question.
> Also, your example is very wrong, read make(1)'s section on dealing with
> variables.

I know my example is very wrong; though it could be used to grep
for optimizer flags, where it could not be used for what I jokingly
said it could be used for... I guess it was too subtle.


        -O0 fails to produce good code; how do I check and warn if
        -O0 is being used?


        Fix -O0, or grep its use and complain about it

Answer 2:

        Make its use an argument error to the compiler, until it is

Answer 3:

        Quit munging the Makefiles, when they will just need to be
        unmunged later, and the problem goes away if you change
        the compiler

-- Terry

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