This morning I cvsupped and redid my kernel and world with no
compilation errors whatsoever, which was nice to see again :)

Right now however I have panics with my xl0

Since I cannot copy/paste anything anywhere, I wrote as much info down
as I found to be relevant.

I tried to run the GENERIC kernel too, so the following is based on
that. While booting the following message appears right after the kernel
detects the xl0 interface:
 /usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:1327 Could sleep with "xl0" locked from

The above message also is displayed everytime the ifconfig command is
run on the xl0 interface, even if it is just to display current configs.
It does however boot and detects its mac adress and the media attached
to it.

I had to boot in single because the machine panic'd as soon as the
interface was initialized (with dhcp).

I traced down the following:

As soon as the interface is set to be "up" the kernel displays:
 Unregistered isr number: 18  - This happends a lot, maybe for every
 packet received by the interface ? (guess)

I can do the following:
# ifconfig xl0 130.x.x.x    [enter]

 This works, BUT as soon as I add a netmask (like my net requires):
# ifconfig xl0 130.x.x.x netmask [enter] -> panic:

 blockable sleep lock (sleep mutex) process lock @

With regards,

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