So the question is: what information can PS show 
for a KSE threaded process?

I have been thinking of:

Certainly the first thing to decide it WHAT there is to show..
threads that are in userspace are not visible to ps, or for that matter
the kernel, as teh Userland thread scheduler may switch between them
without notifying the kernel. Only threads blocked in the kernel can show
any information other than "running" For those in the userland there
is only the information in the associated kse , and priority
info from the thread is available.

so for a process you can show:
        process stuff (e.g. uid, pid, ppid)
                kseg stuff (e.g. nice value, number runnable threads)
                        kse stuff(e.g. RUNNING @ priority 32 on cpu0)
                        kse stuff(e.g. RUNNING @ priority 31 on cpu1)           
                                runnable threads
                                thread runnable priority 33
                                thread runnable priority 35
                                thread runnable priority 37
                                sleeping threads
                                thread waiting at Mutex net1 prio 33
                                thread sleeping at "biord" prio 31
                kseg stuff (for next kseg)

anyone have thoughts?

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