Hi all,

I recently noticed that we are adding the -ffreestanding flag twice for
kernel builds.  It's added once if GCC3 is defined in
/usr/share/mk/bsd.kern.mk and another time inconditionally in
/sys/conf/kern.pre.mk.  As a result, I have -ffreestanding once on my
x86 box still running with GCC 2.95 and I have it twice on my sparc box
running GCC 3.  One of these should be removed, but I'm not sure which
one yet.  Keeping it in kern.pre.mk has the advantage that it will work
even if someone is using a staled bsd.kern.mk.  Also, I wonder if it
should be conditional on GCC3 being defined since we were adding it
inconditionally there.

Any thoughts?


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