On (2002/06/25 22:02), Szilveszter Adam wrote:

> > I've tried `make install' and `make CXX=/usr/local/bin/g++31 install',
> > where that g++31 comes from the lang/gcc31 port, and either way,
> > XFree86-4-clients fails with:
> There is another problem, however, and this is that the libGLU built is
> parctically unusable anyway, although there the correct compiler is used
> (g++), one alway needs to link -lstdc++ with it for it to work. I do not
> know why this is. Other parts of X appear to work ok.

Thanks for the great response!  You really gave me useful stuff to think

I think I have a handle on this now.  If you fix it before you hear back
from me, let me know so I can stop wasting time on it.  XF84-4 test
builds are slow. :-)


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