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> > /usr/src/lib/libc/net/gethostbydns.c: In function `gethostanswer':
> > /usr/src/lib/libc/net/gethostbydns.c:392: `buflen' undeclared (first use

> It looks like that has been fixed in revison 1.36 of gethostbydns.c.

Hmmm, I see that gethostbydns.c and getnetbydns.c got deltas in the
most recent cvsup I did, but I had hacked around these problems an
hour or two earlier and also found I needed to hack on name6.c, with
one `buflen' and an `obp'...  Maybe I still need to update again, but
just to be safe, I'm cc'ing the committer of the other two deltas

barry bouwsma

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