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>there already is some code for smbalert# handling on intpm
>(ENABLE_ALART), but there is no support for handling it in a driver. O2
>AudioDJ (OZ162) chips use this signal to indicate that a button was
>pressed. So I need a way for a driver to be notified when smbalert#

I have never tested the code, though. 

>Of course I thought immediately about bus_(setup|teardown)_intr. I wrote
>something like that for smbus: bus_(setup|teardown)_alart (see patch),
>that works now. But is this The Right Way to do it? I do have some
>thoughts on it, but maybe someone more knowledgeable than me could comment
>on it.

I thought about ACPI embedded controller SMBus device driver and 
this mechanism will be needed for implement event notification mechanism. 

>It might be better to use bus_*_intr instead of bus_*_alart, but one
>would need to bus_alloc_resource a slave address and pass that to
>bus_setup_intr. But then it makes sense to use those slave address
>resources to send smbus commands, right? But how would that fit into the
>bus_space_* functions?

*I* think it is fit to smbus specific function.

>p.s. I hope I'm clear, english isn't my native language.
So am I (T_T).

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