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> >Hello,
> >
> >there already is some code for smbalert# handling on intpm
> >(ENABLE_ALART), but there is no support for handling it in a driver. O2
> >AudioDJ (OZ162) chips use this signal to indicate that a button was
> >pressed. So I need a way for a driver to be notified when smbalert#
> >occurs.
> I have never tested the code, though. 

Well, it works :) When I press the button, the function that was passed to
bus_setup_alart is called.

> >Of course I thought immediately about bus_(setup|teardown)_intr. I wrote
> >something like that for smbus: bus_(setup|teardown)_alart (see patch),
> >that works now. But is this The Right Way to do it? I do have some
> >thoughts on it, but maybe someone more knowledgeable than me could comment
> >on it.
> I thought about ACPI embedded controller SMBus device driver and 
> this mechanism will be needed for implement event notification mechanism. 

That's a very good idea! And it would support all kinds of smbus
controllers. I started to look at this. But then I found this asl
snippet of my notebook:
        Device(EC0_) {               
                Name(_HID, 0x090cd041)
                Name(_CRS, Buffer(0x12) {0x47,0x1, 0x62, 0x0, 0x62, 0x0, 0x1, 0x1, 
0x47, 0x1, 0x66, 0x0, 0x66, 0x0,0x1, 0x1, 0x79, 0x0 })
                Name(_GPE, 0x0)         Method(_Reg, 2) {[...] }

                OperationRegion(SMB_, EmbeddedControl, 0x0, 0x40)
                Field(SMB_, ByteAcc, Lock, Preserve) {
                    CMCM,       8,
                    CMD1,       8,
                    CMD2,       8,
                    CMD3,       8,
                    SMBP,       8,
                    SMBS,       8,
                    SMBA,       8,
                    SMBC,       8,
                    SMDD,       264
                [2 more Field(SMB_, ...) definitions]
                Mutex(MUT0, 0)
                Method(SMRE, 4) { [...] }       # SMBus Read
                Method(SMWE, 4) { [...] }       # SMBus Write
                [other methods that use SMRE&SMWR for reading temperature]
The smbus is used here (SMB_ offset 0x18 probabely is the SMB-HC[1]
register set), but no EC-SMB-HC (device with ACPI0001/ACPI0005 _HID)
here. It looks like SMBus CMI[2], but it lacks the SMBUS01 _HID (and the
_UID). So how does the os know that here's a smbus? Is it bad luck with
the supplied asl, or did I miss something?

[1] http://www.acpi.info/DOWNLOADS/ACPIspec-2-0a.pdf par 13.9.3
[2] http://www.smbus.org/specs/smbus_cmi10.pdf

> >It might be better to use bus_*_intr instead of bus_*_alart, but one
> >would need to bus_alloc_resource a slave address and pass that to
> >bus_setup_intr. But then it makes sense to use those slave address
> >resources to send smbus commands, right? But how would that fit into the
> >bus_space_* functions?
> *I* think it is fit to smbus specific function.

Thanks, I'll leave it as it is now.

- Willem

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