I am on final aproach for KSE-MIII commit

It's a bit like landing in an aircraft carrier because I'm converging
with a moving target. (And I'm flying a DC-3)

In the next couple of days I expect we will see minor breakages
as things shake out of the woodwork.
I can already tell you where we will see problems:

Signals.. particularly to do with suspension and awakening.
Seems ok 99,9 % of the time on i386 but a bit shakier on
some alphas (?)

Debugging.. There's a welligtom bomber just landed in front of me (not a
bad job to land that on a ship) (GDB-5.2) but we're likely to se some
joggling for elbowroom on the flight deck between the two new commits.
expect a bit of finger pointing for a while while we sort it out :-)

Possible odd lockups in unusual situations..
I've only been able to test a subset of "real life".
If you do something that is unusual.. 
and it acts wierd, send me as much info as you can..

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