It's 01:42 here.

I'm compiling world with the KSE sys tree in it hopefully for the last
it will be finished in an hour but I can't wait that long here.
(My wife would like to go to sleep)
SO assuming it completes (unknown.. it's the first one with the new GDB)
I'd like to commit tomorrow AM.

because it is a  or 4 hour cycle of testing,
(particularly the buildworld Every time someone makes a checkin that could
possibly be effected by kernel structures etc, (e.g. ps, gdb, fstat, etc.)
or a kernel checkin, I have to go around the test again.

If we could have  a freeze on major commits for the next 12 hours
it'd really help..

What this is NOT:
a request to not commit anything.
What it IS:
If you are going to commit something to the kernel that even THINKS ABOUT
the proc struct or signals or VM or interrupts or scheduling, could you
hold off.. If it's a network PCI ID.. feel free..

I need a steady target.. for a few hours before and after the commit.
I can cope with minor merges however.

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