I've just finished going thru another medical session, this one took about
5 months, and because of the extended time spent away, I'm running 4.5
(I've been running current since 1.1, this feels really odd).  I need
a little bit of help (or advice, maybe) to get me back to current.

I just finished cvsupping, and the main sources built just fine.  I
installed a new config (static, the libs are now too old) and fixed all
the changes in my config file, so now my kernel file configs .... but it
doesn't build (breaks in 'make depend', I think in genassym).  I'm
guessing that this is only one of a string of incompatibilities, in
jumping from 4.5 back to current.

I could drag myself thru fixing the bugs I'm hitting, but I was wondering
if I could get someone to use my config file (on freefall, APRIL and
APRIL.hints, in ~chuckr/) and build me a kernel and a set of modules. I'm
asking this because my health isn't yet back fully, and I would like to
shortcut this a bit.

[my FreeBSD machine is april.chuckr.org, hence the config filename].

I'm not sure what changes have occurred in kernel/module installation, but
*you'd* have to be really sure about that, because I wouldn't want someone
to scrag their system whilst doing me a favor.  If you're not certain,
please don't even offer, I'd hate to be the cause of your system meltdown.

I appreciate any consideration I get ...

Chuck Robey         | Interests include C & Java programming, FreeBSD,
[EMAIL PROTECTED]   | electronics, communications, and signal processing.

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