Julian Elischer wrote:
> Should ALL threads be awakened, or is it enough if ONE thread awakens to
> deliver the thread.
> For right now it's mostly important that single threaded processs act
> as they used to. We can always change how multithreaded processes
> work.

POSIX makes no guarantees for threads delivery of signals.

Specifically, signals are not thread-things, they are process
things, and there are seperate threads-things for sending the
moral equivalents (e.g. pthread_kill) to threads on an individual
basis, but the system is not expected to make a distinction on
signal delivery as to what theread is running, nor are there
expected to be per thread masking, etc..

Garrett would probably be the right person to ask; he's a much
better POSIX lawyer.

This is really the problem I tried to explain earlier when it
came to the disabling on SIG_POLL on a per descriptor basis.

-- Terry

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