At 9:27 AM -0700 7/3/02, David O'Brien wrote:
>On Wed, Jul 03, 2002, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>  > Sheldon has a few informative messages which include
>  > some patches to test.  (although I don't think the patches
>>  are a complete fix for the problems we're seeing -- see my
>>  replies to that thread which were sent just last night...)
>I thought Sheldon's patches deal with using C (cc) vs. C++ (c++)
>to do the linking.
>Perhaps someone could summarize what is "known".

I'm afraid I only have a vague idea.

Certainly part of what Sheldon was sorting out was C vs C++, and
just general "build problems".

With his patches I was able to compile and install imake.  I was
able to compile XFree86-4-libraries, but the 'make install' of it
fails for me after getting most of the way through.  I suspect
this is a build problem, not a cc problem.

I was not able to compile XFree86-4-Server, as I ran into the same
compiler error that Maxim reported.  Or at least, it looked about
the same.  After that build failed, I happened to retry the same
build (again with the patches Sheldon had recommended) after
setting  CPUTYPE=i686  in /etc/make.conf.  This time the build
succeeded, and I was able to install it.

At that point I can start XDM, and everything seems fine until I
try to log into XDM.  At that point, my machine instantly reboots.
I have no idea why, but I suspect that the incomplete 'make install'
of XFree86-4-libraries probably does not help...  It could easily
be million other things, too.

That's how much I had figured out as of 4am this morning...

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