On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 01:10:08PM -0700, David O'Brien wrote:
> Some one needs to do thru these and really deal with them.

I didn't say they were right, just that they worked ;-)

> * The patch to use -O0 (or remove -O) is wrong, and a test case should be
>   submitted to the GCC people.

I think Maxim has already done this.

> * The weak problem has been fixed in the FSF sources -- I could merge a
>   a patch to our system GCC from the FSF sources.

Please, unless we are due for a complete upgrade soon...  Do you know
when 3.1.1 is due?

> * Someone needs to talk with the XFree86 people to get them to stop using
>   `cc' on C++ code.  This is not just a FreeBSD issue for them.

They don't.  They have all of the right macros in place, it's just that
we didn't have a macro defined for C++ shared libraries.  I don't think
we're doing the right thing for the static library cases yet.

At the moment I'm trying to go through all of the XFree86-4 ports and
figure out:

1. What the patches actually do...
2. If we can use one shared ${WRKSRC}, since the ports build multiple
   copies of all of the libraries, and they use the wrong (unpatched)
   versions of the config files in some cases.


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