Hi all,

If anyone's still looking at the /tmp on md stuff, I've thrown together a
workaround/solution based on the "mount_md" idea.  Okay, I know that using
a shell-script for a mount program may be seen as a Bad Thing and I'm not
sure I want to broadcast my duff shell-programming for all to see, but
I'll post it if anyone's interested.  What I've done is to create a proto
file for disklabel to use based on the intended size of the filesystem as
specified in /etc/fstab which creates a normal multi-partition disc style
"a" partition which skips the first cylinder, newfses it and mounts the
result.  Seems to work okay, although since it mucks about with disklabel
then I'd recommend some caution.

If it turns out to be useful I'm happy to convert it into a rather more
robust C equivalent.  This is, of course, based on the assumption that I
haven't entirely missed the point!  :)



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