On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Bernd Walter wrote:
> I abused diskless_mount for md filesystems:

Either solution's preferable to my first inelegant attempt at an rc.tmp
involving making a complete pigs' ear of rc!  :)

> [351]cicely5> cat /etc/rc.md
> DEV=`mdconfig -a -t swap -s 1400M`
> disklabel -r -w ${DEV} auto
> newfs /dev/${DEV}c
> tunefs -n enable /dev/${DEV}c
> mount /dev/${DEV}c /tmp
> chmod 1777 /tmp
        ... snip ...
> [352]cicely5> grep rc.md /etc/rc.conf
> diskless_mount="/etc/rc.md"
> It's running fine on i386.
> md currently doesn't work on alpha because of 8k pagesize brokenness.

I used the same procedure, but with the size set to 1G (on i386) I kept
getting some sort of overrun problem with newfs; I wasn't able to track
down the cause to either newfs or disklabel, but creating a separate "a"
partition seems to have done the trick in my case.  Unfortunately I can't
say for certain if that fixes the problem or merely avoids it.



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