Well with various hints from here and there I have fixed
the ^Z/fg problem (at least it seems fixed to me and others that 
have tested) This basically leaves only one outstanding
problem that I know of which is a problem that Warner has with a
particular progam. (This may also be fixed but I don't know)

If anyone knows of something that was broken by the KSE commit,
(i.e. it worked just before and not after) and is STILL
broken please let me know because I think I can pretty much declare that
chapter finished, and I'd like to get on with "extending" KSE
functionality. This will be the start of Milestone IV, which would be
add support for threads to run on multiple processors.
Coincident with that some work should also proceed on gradually
identifying and cleaning up places in the kernel where multithreading
is just not ready.. e.g. which thread status do you get when you type ^T?


On that topic I'd like to suggest a "junior hacker project"
for a couple of hackers that would like to sink their teeth
into something but are feeling intimidated.

The project would be design some options as to what 'ps' and 
'top' should show for multithreaded processes, and then work up a set of 
patches that would allow them to do it..

This would include extending the kernel interface used by ps to handle
multiple threads, using hte current interface as a guide, and altering the
programs themselves.

Anyone interested in this should contect me..

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