On Monday 2002-July-08 14:08, Josef Karthauser wrote:
> On a new kernel I appear to be getting dumps now (along with the crashes
> ;). Actually it's pretty stable, but there are random crashes occuring,
> usually I come back to the machine when I've not used it for a new hours
> and find it in rebooted and in the kernel debugging due to those "pcm may
> sleep locked" type things.

I've been looking at the pcm code and I can see where it locks, then allocates 
memory with the M_WAITOK flag thing.  I'm wondering if there's a standard 
procedure for fixing these... would I just nail down the malloc to a 
non-sleepable one?  Also the lock could be freed before it's unlocked... is 
this okay?  I'm guessing it is...

        mtx_assert(mtx, MA_OWNED);

Every time I load my sound driver, top(1) shows the irq10 entry to be locked 
in "*Giant" state, and if I unload it and do a kldstat it's instant panic.

I finally shelled out Radio Shack's ridiculous amount for a null modem cable 
and can do remote debugging now, but I can't remember the URL for that recent 
series of articles on getting started with CURRENT debugging...anyone?


> Joe

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