The uplcom(4) driver which supports USB-to-serial converters lists
support for the following devices which use the Prolific PL-2303

Man page for uplcom driver:

Supported cables:

ATEN UC-232A   http://www.aten.com.tw/USB/USB_1/UC_232A.html
BAFO BF-800   http://bafo.com/proddetail.cfm?ID=394
BAFO BF-810   http://bafo.com/proddetail.cfm?ID=395
ELECOM UC-SGT   http://www.iogear.com/products/product.php?Item=GUC232A 
IOGEAR UC-232A   http://www.iogear.com/products/product.php?Item=GUC232A 
I/O DATA USB-RSAQ   http://www.iodata.co.jp/products/usb/usbrsaq.htm
I/O DATA USB-RSAQ2   http://www.iodata.co.jp/products/network/usbrsaq2.htm
PLANEX USB-RS232 URS-03   http://www.planex.net/product/usb/urs-03.htm

My local computer shop has the following cable which looks similar:
Bencole 08303: http://www.bencole.com/singleproduct.asp?search=usb&partnum=08303

Would the Bencole 08303 cable be supported by the uplcom(4) driver?

I can't tell on the manufacturer's web site, nor on the packaging
for the cable itself if it is based on the
Prolific PL-2303 chipset or not.

Craig Rodrigues        

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