On  7 Jul, Jeff Roberson wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Jeff Roberson wrote:

>>   Log:
>>    - Use 'options DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS' instead of the DEBUG_ALL_VFS_LOCKS
>>      environment variable to enable the lock verifiction code.

> If you have a crash test box I would appreciate it if you would enable
> this kernel option.  If it catches any errors you will be droped into the
> debugger where you can get a backtrace (type: tr) and mail it to me &&
> current@ to avoid dups.

Here's another one that happened while I was building the Mozilla port.

VOP_GETATTR: 0xc7445100 is not locked but should be
Debugger("Lock violation.
Stopped at Debugger+0x45: xchgl %ebx,in_Debugger.0
db> tr
Debugger(c041b364) at Debugger+0x45
coredump(c6a2c180) at coredump+0x470
sigexit(c6a2c180,b,0,e54f8000,c6a2c180) at sigexit+0xa4
postsig(b) at postsig+0xe9
ast(e5514d48) at ast+0x27e
doreti_ast() at doreti_ast+0x1a

I don't know why this particular core dump triggered the bug.  I've seen
lots that didn't.

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