> I just got myself an IBM Thinkpad T30, most things work fine on -STABLE 
> (trying to get specs from IBM for the rest), but -CURRENT won't boot with 
> ACPI enabled.  I'd be glad to track that down, but I have no clue where to 
> start, nor do I have any more than a passing knowledge of ACPI.  I could 
> disable it and boot -CURRENT (and install works fine since there's no ACPI 
> there), but things go wrong as soon as the kernel touches UFS.  This 
db> trace
crfree(73cc3000,c04aa2e0,5,0,d68cb6e4) at crfree+0x8
getnewbuf(0,0,800,4000,4000) at getnewbuf+0x187
getblk(c4236a00,0,0,800,0) at getblk+0x269
breadn(c4236a00,0,0,800,0) at breadn+0x2f
bread(c4236a00,0,0,800,0) at bread+0x20
ffs_blkatoff(c4236a00,0,0,0,d68cb848) at ffs_blkatoff+0xb2
ufs_lookup(d68cb970,d68cb9ac,c029c751,d68cb970,c4236e74) at ufs_lookup+0x32a

I'm not sure if this is directly related with ACPI.
We had unstability on FS code, so could you try again with newer kernel?


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