> John Baldwin wrote:
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> > On 08-Jul-2002 Peter Wemm wrote:

> > > Excuse me while I go outside and shoot myself.
> > 
> > Hahahaha!
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> > Glad to see you have fixed them. :)
> Unfortunately, there are still more problems. :-(
> I have found some of them.  And what is really scary is that I have
> verified that some of what Terry has been FUD'ing(*) about for our TLB
> (mis)management is actually correct. :-(  We have code that simply will
> work (ie: vm86 will explode when doing VESA calls) if certain accidental
> conditions that mask the bugs no longer occur.

Probably why my Pentium-III 866 locks up (with a continuous beep from the
PC speaker) when I switch virtual consoles (no X running) when doing disk
I/O and one console is running the standard 80x25 and the other is running

Seems to happen every time so far and has done so for several months.

It doesn't happen on my Celeron 450 Slot-1 (actually a 300a running
at 100Mhz FSB instead of 66MHz) with an Nvidia TNT2 16MB, Western digital
something 20GB also using 80x25 and 132x60.  (also GENERIC kernel and
v.new -CURRENT).

The P-III 866 has an Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 64MB, IBM 120GXP 40GB drive,
very new -CURRENT and GENERIC kernel.

extract of /boot/loader.conf has:
hw.ata.tags="1"   <----------- This line not on the Celeron 450 box as
vesa_load="YES"                the WD drive cant do tagged command queing

extract of /etc/rc.conf has:

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