On 10 Jul, Alex Zepeda wrote> After the rude awakening that I was after all running 
current, I've
> finally turned on the WITNESS related options for my kernel (and boy is it
> wickedly unstable as of now).

I haven't had any instability problems in a while on my UP box.

> Anyways.. is there any sort of list of
> known warnings?  I'm seeing a few consistantly relating to "pcm0:play:0", 
> "pcm0", "inp", "tcp", and "kernel linker".  The pcm related ones are well 
> known, right?

I don't have the pcm hardware.  The only WITNESS message I consistently
see is the kernel linker one.

> The most recent one I'm seeing (that I'd never seen before) is this:
> ../../../vm/uma_core.c:1332: could sleep with "process lock" locked from 

I haven't seen that one.  If you can reproduce it, you might try setting
the debug.witness_ddb sysctl to 1 and get a stack trace from ddb.

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