On 11 Jul, Josef Karthauser wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 04:01:08AM -0700, Don Lewis wrote:
>> On 11 Jul, Josef Karthauser wrote:

>> >> I get it whenever cron kicks of a cvsup also.

>> The cvsup server may also be making ident queries.
> If it is, it is making lots and lots of them, at a rate of around
> 5 or 10 a second or more when the cvsup is running.  That seems
> excessive.  To test it I've just killed inetd and it's still happening
> - there must be something else tickling this also.

I'd only expect one ident connection when cvsup connects to the server.
Maybe cvsup is calling this sysctl for some reason ...

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