At 11:42 PM +0200 7/17/02, John Angelmo wrote:
>John Baldwin wrote:
>>Hey all (ab)users of -current.  Please try to work on getting -current
>>as stabilized as possible in the next few days and hold off on any
>>large changes until after re@ creates the Perforce branch for DP2 on
>Well a working XFree86-4 would be just great to have in DP2 ;)

It seems to be working for me, thanks to all the recent work from
Eric Anholt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.  When I built it (on the 14th) there
was still the issue of Wraphelp.c not ending up in the right place,
but that is being worked on.  And that was trivial enough for me
to figure out, that I was up-and-running with it.

What problem are you seeing at this point?

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