FreeBSD Gurus,
I would like to suggest for the FreeBSD team to please consider
disabling support for ssh1 in the default configuration of sshd starting
with FreeBSD 5.0 for the following reasons:

1) The ssh1 protocol is fundamentally insecure. The protocol uses a CRC
where a MAC is needed, permitting the insertion of data in to the
connection. While there have been various patches over the years that
attempt to detect attacks trying to exploit this security hole, no patch
can ever fully fix this security hole. Sure, we may not at present know
an exploit that could be successfully launched against the present ssh1,
but few security experts feel comfortable another, or even several
other, such exploit will not be found. Consequently, many security
conscious folks long disabled ssh1 access to their servers.

2) While compatibility was once a problem, by now there are a sufficient
number of free ssh2-capable clients available on wide range of
platforms. It must be the rare case in which a server truly needs to
maintain the use of ssh1 because there are no ssh2 clients for the
client platform. (I can't even think of one such client platform, though
don't doubt they exist). At any rate, ssh2-capable clients have become
sufficiently widely available and will be even more widely available by
the time FreeBSD 5.0 is released that compatibility is losing strength
as an argument to leave ssh1 enabled by default. If somebody truly needs
ssh1 they will know how to edit a config file.

3) Compatibility reducing security is typically not a good thing.

I therefore would like to ask the FreeBSD team to please consider to, in
the default configuration of FreeBSD 5.0, only enable ssh2 for sshd.

--Lucky Green

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