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>Sheldon Hearn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> On (2002/07/17 01:52), Dima Dorfman wrote:
>> > The devfs(8) manual page is a pretty good reference of the existing
>> > features and semantics, but it lacks polish needed to be able to serve
>> > as an introduction.
>> Actually, I think it's brilliant.
>> The only nits are the weird sections, which made it hard for me to find
>> my way around.  For example, the examples are all in an Examples
>> subsection of the non-standard RULE SUBSYSTEM section, so I didn't see
>> that there were examples when I first looked for them.
>> I'd suggest the attached patch, to make it easier for manpage die-hards
>> to navigate.
>The reason everything is written under subsections is that /sbin/devfs
>is not, in theory, limited to just rule manipulation.  I don't really
>like how I did it, either, but if I write everything under "standard"
>sections like you suggest, adding non-rule stuff to devfs(8) will be a
>much bigger pain.

Well, given that we currently don't even have any ideas for what
other functions devfs(8) might perform, I think we should make the
manpage conform to normal layout until these features present themselves.

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