>Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 21:51:57 +0900
>From: Seigo Tanimura <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>If you are having a trouble of a broken thread state (eg a thread with
>TDS_RUNQ on no run queue) or a mysterious page fault on a kernel
>memory (probably in mi_switch()), you may want to try my patch at:


I was having this kind of trouble with my (UP) laptop, but not my (SMP)
build machine.  However, the laptop may also be having some hardware
issues, so I didn't press the issue....  But after getting another panic
after trying to reboot after installing today's -CURRENT on the laptop,
I applied that patch, and so far, things seem better.

What I did:

* Fetched the patch & unzipped it.

* cd /usr/src/sys && patch -p6 <~/PATCHES/procswap.diff
  (I actually ran "patch -C" first, to verify that things looked good.)

* cd /usr/src && make kernel KERNCONF=LAPTOP_30W

* reboot (after a few syncs, in case that might help).

* cd /usr/src && date && make installworld && date && \
  mergemaster -u 0022 -i && date && df -k
  (I.e., re-do the "make installworld & mergemaster steps from the
  install where I had a panic on reboot, both to have some assurance that
  files I'd rather have didn't get truncated, and to serve as a first-
  order test of the patched code.)

* reboot

* Run a few tests.

So far, so good.


david       (links to my resume at http://www.catwhisker.org/~david)
David H. Wolfskill                              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
To paraphrase David Hilbert, there can be no conflicts between Microsoft
and the discipline of systems administration, since they have nothing in

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