I cvsup'd on Friday of last week, after I restored /usr.  Did the fix come later than 
that?   I'm kind of afraid to try it again :)   Thanks,  Rob.

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>Sent: 29 Jul 2002 18:26:23
>rob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I mounted my -stable /usr partition on -current
>/mnt to copy over a
>> kernel config file, and when I finally fired up
>-stable, the /usr
>> partition was borked.  Fsck couldn't fix it
>manually.  Luckily I had
>> backups.  It said that the master record didn't
>match the alternate.  I
>> might have rebooted without unmounting the
>-stable partition.  
>There's nothing wrong with your partition, but
>there's a bug in your
>version of fsck.  You can "fix" your partition with
>'fsck -b 32 -y',
>but you really should update your system.
>Dag-Erling Smorgrav - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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