I mounted my -stable /usr partition on -current /mnt to copy over a
kernel config file, and when I finally fired up -stable, the /usr
partition was borked.  Fsck couldn't fix it manually.  Luckily I had
backups.  It said that the master record didn't match the alternate.  I
might have rebooted without unmounting the -stable partition.  

On my laptop (Sony FX290), each type of reboot has different
consequences.  "reboot" works as expected.  CTRL-ALT-DEL does not- it
syncs disks and then freezes.  "Shutdown -p now" shuts down, but when
you turn the laptop back on it freezes and you have to take the
batteries out to get it working right again.

Rob.   (ps. this is the message I was trying to send that ended up as
dozens of "QUIT" messages- sorry again)

The Numeric Python EM Project


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