Bakul Shah wrote:
> My recollection matches what Bruce says (and I have been
> using unix since when version 7 was the latest and greatest).
> At least the SUN OS 5.6 man page I could locate online says
> this:
>  The o function modifier is only valid with the x function. p
>  Restore the named files to their original modes, and ACLs if
>  applicable, ignoring the present umask(1). This is the
>  default behavior if invoked as super-user with the x
>  function letter specified. If super-user, SETUID and sticky
>  information are also extracted, and files are restored with
>  their original owners and permissions, rather than owned
>  by root.
> This superuser behavior is what allows one to use tar as an
> archiving program.

Well, OK, now I am really confused. So what should we be bound to? To
the POLA (old GNU tar in 4.6-release and downward was not fully
preserving permissions unless -p is specified, even when invoked by
root)? Or to what other systems do? Bruce, what do you think?


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