I said:
> my guess is John Gilmore originally created gnu tar from
> reading of the man page.  If so, that would explain the
> difference.  I don't have the V7 sources so can't check but
> given that companies with the Unix licence (and the orig.
> sources) all do the same I believe the V7 man page just
> missed out some details.  I don't know what POSIX says.

I found the sources to V6, V7, various BSDs thanks to
www.tuhs.org (The Unix Heritage Society).  Boy! Was I wrong!

V7 tar does nothing special for root, neither do various BSDs
(I checked upto 4.3BSD-Reno -- I even compiled the reno tar
and verified that as root umask is obeyed).  I don't know at
which point root got special treatment in tar at various Unix

My apologies to Maxim and others for confusing them.
I plead (hopefully temporary) dementia!

-- bakul

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