there are several possibilities:
1/ do a ktrace on teh spinning process for a couple of seconds and see
what syscalls it is doing.

2/ if it's spinning in the kernel, you can drop into ddb
and do a 
tr <pid> 
to see where it is in the kernel...
c to continue..
do this several times to ge a sortof 'profile' of where you see it..

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Marc Recht wrote:

> > I really don't know where to start looking.  Just after the KSE changes at
> > the beginning of July I upgraded mysql.  Since then I have had intermittent
> > problems with mysql hanging far too often.  It takes 100% of the resources
> > and has to be killed.  I get no errors in the mysql log nor in the system
> > logs.
> This isn't only a mysql problem. The (at least) linux jdk 1.4, jikes and lt_rep
> (used by librep while building) have the same problem. They're just using CPU
> time and are doing nothing... (dead-lock?)
> Marc

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