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 | At 08:54 AM 8/2/2002 -0700, Edwin Culp wrote:
 | >This doesn't make much sense and is probably not related  but I've had the
 | >problem for about a month and thought it was going to go away but it
 | hasn't.
 | >I really don't know where to start looking.  Just after the KSE changes at
 | >the beginning of July I upgraded mysql.  Since then I have had intermittent
 | >problems with mysql hanging far too often.  It takes 100% of the resources
 | >and has to be killed.  I get no errors in the mysql log nor in the system
 | >logs.
 | >
 | >Has anyone seen this or do you have any ideas for a solution or for trouble
 | >shooting?  I wanted to try a pkg_add -r but there doesn't seem to be a 
 | >mysql-server package.
 | >
 | >I am running today's current and I check it daily to see if it still hangs.
 | >I initially thought that it was a problem with this version of mysql but
 | I'm
 | >not really sure.
 | >
 | >Thanks,
 | >
 | >ed
 | The same thing happend to me a few weeks ago when I did an upgrade from
 | 3.23.49 ==> 3.23.51
 | I think what I ended up doing was to use the gcc3.2 from ports, and I built
 | it staticlly.
 | First i installed gcc3.2 the made sure /usr/local/bin was ahead of /usr/bin
 | in my PATH
 | then I built mysql enabling static build.

It didn't work for me.  What did you put in this line in the Makefile?

                CXX="${CC}" \

I have compiled it three times, once without change, once by ereasing it and
the last by changing it to CXX="${GCC}" \

I compiled it with  BUILD_STATIC=yes in all cases.
They all compiled but continued to hang.

Thanks again,


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