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er writes:
>Have a look at Message-ID: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>(should be in the archive of audit).

Ah, I had forgotten about that -audit thread.

>Short: open shouldn't be able to return EINTR in practice...
>My assumptions:
> - Bruce hasn't made a mistake
> - something broke in the kernel (either for a "short" period of
>   time, or it's still broken), so we should look for the real
>   problem instead

I had a quick look yesterday, and I found a PCATCH tsleep call in
diskopen(), though I do not know if this is the one that affects
dump. Does open(2) need to loop on ERESTART? Currently it just
maps ERESTART to EINTR and returns the error.

We should fix this broken dump behaviour anyway - I don't think it
matters too much for now whether it is fixed in userland or the
kernel, as it will only affect the tiny set of applications that
receive signals while opening a disk device at the same time as
another open on the same device is occurring (I think).


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