Anselm Garbe wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 05:34:36PM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > On a hunch, I will guess that the special case code for ISA
> > sharing for the keyboard and mouse on the same PS/2 controller
> > is not present in the ACPI.
> >
> > Try not loading ACPI, and see if it fixes it for you (this
> > seems to be the week for ACPI).
> Well Terry, without loading ACPI it works fine for me now.
> It seems, that there's the dog :-)

You might want to check if there's a BIOS update available that
changes the ACPI information for your system to make it more

If you know the last time it was working, and have a local CVS
repository, it should only take log2(N)+1, at most, to do a
binary date search to see what day the code broke. That's 10
recompiles and reboots to get the date, if it occurred at any
time in the last 16 months.  If it's when ACPI was enabled by
default in the first place, it means it's your BIOS (which is
why I suggested going after the BIOS first thing).

You've played "higher/lower" enough to know the optimum
strategy, right?  Basically, you get a bounding date, and
divide it in two, and divide the remaining time in 2, etc.,
until you have the day, using e.g.

        cvs co
        # fails == +0
        cvs co -D"512 days ago"
        # works == -512
        cvs co -D"256 days ago"
        # works == +256
        cvs co -D"128 days ago"
        # fails == +128
        cvs co -D"192 days ago"
        # works == -96

-- Terry

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