On Sat, Aug 24, 2002 at 07:12:02PM -0800, Beech Rintoul wrote:
> I'm not sure about an earlier -current, but I can tell you I'm running one of 
> those cards with yesterday's -current with no problems. You didn't say which 
> kernel you're running, but if it's GENERIC it has device ep uncommented. The 
> only way I could get rid of that eeprom error was to re-run the setup util. 
> Mine however wasn't hanging the boot it would go on and define the card as 
> ep1. One thing you might try is putting the card in another slot and see if 
> it will boot.
> Anyone else have this problem with -current?


I am indeed having this problem with the GENERIC kernel that is included
with the 20020818 -current snapshot.

Here is some more information:
 - instead of booting the GENERIC kernel that gets installed with
   20020818, if I boot with the kernel from the floppy disk
   that comes with 20020818, and then from the command-prompt
   specify the root filesystem as ufs:ad0s2a (which is where I installed 
   -current), then the system boots up fine, and
   I have no problem with ep0, and in fact I can use ep0 successfully.

So, there is something different between the GENERIC kernel
and the kernel on the bootdisk in 20020818. 
Any idea what it could be?

Craig Rodrigues        

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