On Sun, 25 Aug 2002, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> I think I solved the problem.  I did not need to recompile the kernel,
> and I did not have to reconfigure my NIC with the 3Com DOS utilities.
> I read the following post from 1999 by Poul-Henning Kamp:
> Poul states that the probing of the ie and ex drivers affects the
> 3Com magic config registers.
> So, what I did was, I edited /boot/device.hints and commented out a bunch
> of lines and disabled a few drivers:
> ============================================================================
> #hint.ie.0.at="isa"
> #hint.ie.0.port="0x300"
> #hint.ie.0.irq="10"
> #hint.ie.0.maddr="0xd0000"
> hint.ie.0.disabled="1"
> #hint.fe.0.at="isa"
> #hint.fe.0.port="0x300"
> #hint.le.0.at="isa"
> #hint.le.0.port="0x300"
> #hint.le.0.irq="5"
> #hint.le.0.maddr="0xd0000"
> hint.le.0.disabled="1"
> ============================================================================
> When I rebooted with the GENERIC kernel, my 3Com 509 card came up just
> fine.

Beat me to it.  Every problem I've had in the past with a pre-PnP ISA card
was due to other device probes confusing the proper device.  So I
typically disable all probes of any non-PnP ISA cards unless I have them.


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