I'm currently testing my Bluetooth code for FreeBSD on recent
-current. After i upgraded to recent current from current-DP1
i'm experiencing a major slowdown in USB device speed. 

On current-DP1 the USB device was able to handle about 50-60
KBytes/sec. On recent -current _the_same_ device driver can
only do 11-12 KBytes/sec :(

Another driver (PC-CARD) connected to my Bluetooth stack
can do 50-60 KBytes/sec (sending/receiving) - so it is 
not a Bluetooth stack itself. Also the same USB device
connected to Linux box can do 50-60 KBytes/sec - so it is not
a USB device itself.

The problem only exists when i connect USB device to -current
FreeBSD box. I suspect that problem could be in:

a) USB device driver
b) USB stack itself
c) someplace else?

Does anyone have a similar problems? I'm slowly going though
the diff's between DP1 USB code and -current USB code, but
may be someone can give me a clue.


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