Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
> >
> > make sure you have all the debugging turned off.
> > there is a LOT of debugging..
> > at the moment.
> well, this was my first attempt. it did not work. even if i
> disable INVARIANTS, WITNESS and USB_DEBUG completely it is
> still slow as hell :(
> PC-CARD driver works just fine and get 50-60 KBytes/sec even
> with all debug stuff enabled. so there should be another
> explanation.

Do a "cvs diff" by date of the Developer's pre-release 1 for
the driver and the code areas ou are interested in, and the
changes causing the problem will just display (along with other
changes, sorry).

The easiest approach is usually a bsearch of the code, which
is less than 9 compiles to find the day of the change out of
a year and a quarter.

-- Terry

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