1) Fix the ASL so that it compiles without errors or warnings
2) Override the BIOS version of the table with your new one.  (I don't know
how this is done on FreeBSD, someone else will have to help you.


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On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Moore, Robert wrote:

> This looks like the (in)famous "implicit return" problem that is in some
> Toshiba ASL files.
>                 Method(_CRS) {
>                     CRS_(0x10)
>                 }
> This does NOT actually return a value and the ASL code is incorrect.  It
> to be:
>                 Method(_CRS) {
>                     Return (CRS_(0x10))
>                 }
> The iASL compiler generates warnings for all instances of this erroneous
> code.

   Thanks a lot for your input. What is the best way for me to verify
   this ?

   - yann

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