Some experiences with ACPI and APM on a Toshiba Portege 7220cte.
Interesting is the extreme CPU slow-down after suspend/resume
using ACPI.

Running current, (cvsup-ed Aug. 30).  A fixed-up ASL (similar to
the Tecra8200.asl diff from Mitsuru IWASAKI) is used with
acpi_dsdt_load="YES" in /boot/loader.conf.  I have "device apm" in
the kernelconfig, so that I can easily switch between APM and ACPI
with "hint.acpi.0.disable=1/0" in /boot/loader.conf.

With ACPI:

- At first everything seems to work allright, screen darkening,
  suspend/resume, batterie state, etc.
- However, it turns out that after a suspend/resume the system
  runs extremely slow: xengine, normally at 1800-1900 RPM,
  drops to 100-150 RPM. Sofar, I've only been able to restore
  the normal performance by rebooting.
- Connecting/removing power produces a kernel-logmessage:
    system power profile changed to "performance/economy"
  but does not seem to have any other effect.
- Using "Fn-F2", which normally switches between 3 power-states
  (low, user-setting, and high) does not work. The other "Fn-Fx"
  functions do work.
- A minor problem is that X-screen darkening does not switch
  off the backlight, whether or not DPMS is specified in the
  XF86Config. (Using "Fn-F1" does turn off the backlight, so
  that's a fine workaround).
- I have used the standard and the fixed-up ASL, but I have seen
  no difference besides kernel logmessages like:
   ACPI: DSDT was overridden.

Using APM:
- Suspending in X freezes the system. I've not found any way
  out of that, other than hard resetting the system.
- Suspending in a vty-screen does works. So, having "vidcontrol"
  in rc.suspend/rc.resume makes suspend/resume work fine.
- There is no slowdown after suspend/resume.
- In contrast to ACPI above, the "Fn-F2" works fine. In high-power
  mode xengine runs at 1800-1900 RPM, in low-power mode it slows
  down to 800-900 RPM. In user-setting it depend on what is set, but
  I have not been able to reproduce the extreme slow-down as when
  running ACPI.
- Like ACPI above, connecting/removing power produces a logmessage,
  but nothing else.
- Like ACPI above, X-screen darkening does not switch off the
  backlight, whether or not DPMS is specified.
- The "apm" command produces somewhat different output running
  APM, than running ACPI: with APM it shows the APM capabilities,
  with ACPI it says "unknown". And when running on external power,
  onder APM it shows battery status and remaining time, while
  under ACPI this is "unknown". However, when running on
  battery-power, status and life work both under APM and ACPI.

If I can do any other tests or try out anything, please ask.

-- ted

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