On  9 Sep, Robert Watson wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Don Lewis wrote:

>> I think we can probably just lock and unlock vp around the call to
>> VOP_FSYNC() ...
> What I'd actually like to do is lock vp on going in to the VOP.  I need to
> grab the lock in the link() code anyway to do the MAC check.  UFS and
> others all immediately lock the vnode on entry anyway...

That sounds reasonable.  It looks like ufs and ext2fs are currently
doing the locking and nfs and coda aren't.  The only other filesystem
that implements the link method is unionfs, which conditionally does the
lock only in certain cases and does some complex lock manipulations that
I don't fully understand.

BTW, I noticed that a number of filesystems have reimplemented
vop_eopnotsupp() and called it foofs_link().

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