On 11 Sep, Bruce Evans wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Don Lewis wrote:
> I have just one thing to add to Robert's reply.
>> BTW, is it safe to call ASSERT_VOP_UNLOCKED() in the SMP case after the
>> reference has been dropped with vput() or vrele()?
> I think it is.  It has some internal locking (v_interlock at least), and
> only asserts that the vnode is unlocked by curthread so it doesn't matter
> if another thread locks it.

I'm mostly worried about the vnode being recycled as something else
after the vput() or vrele() call.  I think a better approach would be to
add the assertion checks to vput() and vrele(), which would mean that we
could remove most of the checks in the syscall code.  The only problems
we would miss would be when we leak vnode references, but reference
leaks are a problem anyway.  I wish there was a good way to add
assertion checks for detecting the leaks.

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