I'm using the D-Link DGE 500SX Gigabit Ethernet card in two of my
computers.  One is running FreeBSD Current, the other runs Stable.  The
lge driver (and miibus with xmphy) worked well on both systems.

Somewhen between Juli this August this Year, the Current driver stopped
working with the following problem description:

        lge0: Ethernet address: 00:50:ba:71:2d:c3
        lge0: MII without any PHY!
        device_probe_and_attach: lge0 attach returned 6

Sorry I did not notice the problem immediately, but all my systems are dual
homed and the default gateway is over 100MBit Ethernet.

Regards, Robert S.

Robert Suetterlin ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
phone: (+49)89 / 30000-3546   fax: (+49)89 / 30000-3950

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