On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 01:15:40PM -0500, Steve Ames wrote:
> New datapoint:
> If I compile the kernel in the old fashion (config SB; cd ../compile/SB; 
> make depend all install) then the kernel compiles and installs fine.
> However I get the error below when doing a 'make kernel' from /usr/src.
> Also even after rebooting onto the new kernel bind9 and mysql-server
> are still exiting on signal6.

I'm also getting cpp0 crashing while building new kernel. My world is from
2002-09-01(UTC) source. It looks similar to yours, except that:

- cpp0 exits with signal 11, not signal 6.
- I'm building my kernel in the old fashion with a slight modification

  $ config -d /usr/obj/kernel /path/to/CONFIGFILE && \
    cd /usr/obj/kernel && make depend && make

  but cpp0 still crashes at the first stage of 'make depend'.

> > Thoughts? Anything I can provide to help narror this down further?

Now I'm wondering where I can build a cpp0 with debug symbols enabled
so that I can post the backtrace...

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